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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  September 24, 2010 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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and up to sixty-thousand dollars in assistance. get paid to learn valuable job skills. maybe make an extra twenty grand when you join. all while you serve your community and your country. learn more at i'm teddy bruschi. >> and i'm jerome bettis. for years, we knocked heads on the football field everytime the pittsburgh steelers >> and new england patriots played. but now we're teaming up >> to help people all across america who are uninsured and struggling financially. >> it's the partnership for prescription assistance and it's already helped more than 6 million americans in need in all 50 states. >> if you or someone you know needs help paying for medicine, call 1-888-4ppa-now or visit our website at to see if you may qualify. >> it's a free service, a free phone call, and you can get your medicines for free too.
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>> winning the super bowl is a great feeling >> winning three is even better. but so is helping millions of americans who are uninsured and struggling. >> call the partnership for prescription assistance toll-free number now. the ppa team is standing by to help. >> hey, you know i was just kidding about them three championships.
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switch to tempur-pedic. now it's your turn. call now for your free information kit including a tempur material sample, along with a dvd and catalog. traditional mattresses use metal springs that can cause pressure points causing you to toss and turn. only the tempur-pedic mattress automatically adjusts to your body while keeping your spine in perfect alignment. plus, because tempur-pedic doesn't transfer motion, you won't disturb your partner when you get out of bed or shift positions. best of all, tempur-pedic will let you sleep on one of their sleep systems for an incredible 90 nights before you make your purchase decision. if you want the ultimate in comfort - if you wish
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to get more sleep but can't, it's time you make the switch to tempur-pedic. call the number on your screen. during cold and flu season. that's why we started a mission for health. by going beyond clean surfaces to healthy surfaces. by making a healthy way to wash hands. and even by working with a pediatrician to develop lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools. when you use lysol, you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit
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a little french's brings a whole lot of happy. and now french's has new honey mustard dipping sauce. french's happy starts here.
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when you use lysol neutra air fabric mist.
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it kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces and eliminates odors at their source better than febreze. so now a fresh home is the sign of a healthy home. for tips on a healthy home, visit host: could switching to geico did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee.
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mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes in the us each year. septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair. rid-x costs only six dollars, and the advanced natural bacteria generate powerful enzymes, which accelerate the waste digestion. use rid-x once a month, and help save yourself from disaster.
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hi, i'm james brown. as an african american man, i am at a higher risk of being diagnosed with multiple myeloma which is a cancer of the plasma cell that is commonly diagnosed among african-american men and women now, there is hope. thanks to the national coalition for cancer survivorship, a tool is available for people diagnosed with multiple myeloma and other cancers. the cancer survival toolbox is a free set of audio cds that teaches you and your loved ones critical skills to navigate a cancer diagnosis. now an entire segment of the cancer survival toolbox is devoted to understanding multiple myeloma and where to go for help. i am proud to support the distribution of the toolbox to people living with multiple myeloma,
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and to cancer survivors everywhere. get the tools you need free at wwww dot cancer advocacy dot org slash toolbox
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save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
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that's why lysol has started a mission for health. with new mom programs, lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools and disaster relief efforts. when you use lysol at home, you'll know you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit
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n n ,,,,,,,, these days, carrying a mortgage and avoiding foreclosure can overwhelm even the strongest person. even if you've been responsible and done all the right things, the weight of preventing foreclosure can become too much for anyone to bear. but now help is available, offering alternatives for lots of homeowners in many difficult mortgage situations. one option may be advice from a certified foreclosure prevention specialist. it's absolutely free. don't wait to find out what might help ease your burden. log on to because foreclosure is not a foregone conclusion.
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a public service message from the u.s. department of housing and urban development, in partnership with the national fair housing alliance.
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